Beauty Mirror Photo Booth

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… we’d argue that a great picture is worth a whole lot more.

Why not memorialize your biggest and
best events with a mirror photo booth so that you always have a reminder of the great times in your life?

Of course, you don’t want to go with just any photo booth. You want a booth that can take high-quality and dynamic photos. The kind of photos you want to display on the wall, not just in your photo book or on social media.

That’s where the beauty mirror photo booth comes in.

Why Choose A Beauty Mirror Photo Booth For Your Event?

There are a lot of advantages to having a beauty mirror photo booth, especially for large gatherings where a lot of people might want to take pictures.

This photo booth makes it easy to get dynamic photos and is perfect for both individual portraits and large group photos, and everything in between!

Plus, since the mirror is equipped with its own professional lighting system, you can be sure that your photos will look fantastic no matter what the venue lighting is like.

The lighting on this photo booth will help highlight the best features of everyone in the photo, making for even more dynamic group photos, as well as professional-looking portraits. Better yet, the system automatically adjusts when more people are in frame, so your group photos won’t look cramped, and your portraits won’t look empty.

The setup is durable enough for any event and looks nice enough for even the most formal occasions.

Get Your Prints Immediately

In today’s day and age, no one wants to wait for professional photo printing. So instead of waiting, this photo booth allows you to print photos immediately, while also sending digital copies to your smartphone for later use.

Whether you’re looking for professional photos for a workplace event or want the guests at your wedding to be able to remember your special day, this is a handy way to get immediate and long-term results.

Versatile Design

Don’t think you’ll need photos for the entire run of your event? Or only have a limited number of guests who will want photos?

No problem!

One of the advantages of this kind of photo booth is that the mirror can be switched to different modes, like on-screen games, recording videos, or photo editing so that everyone can have the exact look they were going for.

Put together, that’s hours of entertainment, plus photos that you can treasure forever!

Ready For A Photo Booth At Your Next Event?

If you’re looking for a photo booth that’s versatile, easy to use, and adaptable to the situation and event, look no further!

Contact us to learn more about the beauty mirror photo booth, or to book this fun addition for your next event.

Don’t forget to ask about the versatility of this mirror, including how it can help capture professional photos by guiding users to look in the right direction, or how the mirror can capture up to 10 individual users in a single shot!

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