Mirror Me Photo Booth

Photographs are a must for every major event. They help people remember all the fun they had with friends, and there’s added fun to these snapshots when people can walk up to a photo booth and smile at their reflections.

The Mirror Me Booth is one of a kind, attracting people of all ages to participate in the fun. If you’re looking for a way to make your events stand out from all others, read on for more details about the unique Mirror Me Booth!

Why do you Need it?

Some other benefits of the Mirror Me Photo Booth include:

  • Quick setup with an on-site attendant!
  • High-tech and high-durability mirror glass – the transparency of the glass produces impressive graphics that users engage with while maintaining the reflective quality expected of a mirror.
  • Multi-touch interface – Up to ten people can interact with Mirror Me Booth at the same time.
  • Professional-level videos and photographs – Your DSLR camera is hidden from sight, but it can capture up to 50 people from a large group or even a single person who wants a portrait. The camera settings can be adjusted through the photo booth without ever touching the camera after setting up.
  • Wide selection of frames – Mirror Me Booth can even customize to what you’re looking for!
  • Hardware Branding – Customize the design to match a client’s order or advertise your own brand.

What Will Make This Memorable for Eventgoers?

The Mirror Me Booth has so many features that are sure to stick in attendees’ minds for a long time. Many on-glass animations will surprise and delight eventgoers. Many are included right away, and you can also create your own custom animations.

People can also add extra creative flair to their photos by signing, drawing, and stamping the mirror before their photos. You can also design custom stamps to better suit different events. Both the beauty and art photo filters are sure to delight guests as well!

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If you want to incorporate a fun and income-generating photo booth into your events, contact us for more information. Your event will be one that no one ever forgets!

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